time flys                                                                 Thursday, April 14, 1:17 am


oh livejournal.......

1 pints of blood / blood of an angel

was it just a dream                                                                 Thursday, March 26, 2:48 am


i'll still remember that first day i walked into your house

and from there it seemed so amazing

and then i made it all go away

i'm such a fool

2 pints of blood / blood of an angel

ever wonder                                                                 Monday, March 9, 2:09 am


if relationships are worth your time?

i'm finding out they are wonderful things that must be constantly worked at

but in the end, they always seem to crumble

i wonder if i'm working too hard or not hard enough

or if i'm not meant for one

same with certain friendships

but that is the way of the world

blood of an angel

this could be fun again                                                                 Wednesday, March 4, 11:03 pm


It's Bruce.

I missed this.

Let me know whose still out there!

2 pints of blood / blood of an angel

i'm still here                                                                 Saturday, May 19, 8:13 pm


just wanted to see
who would respond
if i did a small little entry
10 pints of blood / blood of an angel